New Guild Site

by Ashmead, 190 days ago


We've recently changed our guild website to make it more user-friendly for new applicants and existing guildies alike.



New Link:



Information on Trialling:

To Apply:



Logging in Attendance to Raids:


See you on the other side!

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Blackfuse & Paragons Down!

by Crajadin, 228 days ago

Finally got Blackfuse down, and then Paragons a week later! Such a relief to finally make some progress and move on to Garrosh! A big thankyou to everyone who helped us out with progression and of course a big pat on the back to everyone in for the kills. :) - Duillas

*screenshot not doctored at all.

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Why You Should or Shouldn't Join Equinoctis

by Ashmead, 239 days ago

Hello! Our guild is committed to raiding in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. We would dearly like to be able to assemble a full team for the 20-man Mythic Mode raids. At the moment though, we are still short on member count. And hence, we are eager to recruit like-minded raiders (like you!) who are also as passionate as us about raiding and exploring end-game content together.

Given all the other guilds around however, it seems useful to have a breakdown of some of the reasons why or why not to join us. Enjoy.


Why You Should Join Equinoctis

=wherein praises were sung and up for your critical discretion=

1. We are, have been, and will always strive to be, the best of what Gundrak-Alliance has to offer.

Our history as a guild started in Cataclysm, on small and underpopulated Gundrak. While numerous elite guilds like Vindictive, Fraternity, Third Eye and many more respectable guilds have since come and gone, we alone have prevailed constantly through patches and expansions as a strong raiding guild. 

Our achievements include being first on Gundrak-Alliance for Tier 12, Tier 13, Tier 14, Tier 15, and yes, Tier 16. The cynics may point out that being top in Gundrak counts for nothing. The cynics obviously haven't run a competitive raiding guild on Gundrak before. 

The short of it is, we've always done what we could with our cozy server, and we're secretly proud of what it has achieved and what it will continue to achieve. 

2. We are nice. No, really. We are really, really, really nice. And mostly stable.

All guilds will say this. All guilds have nice people. But all guilds also have not so nice people, and not so good times. Still, despite our achievements, we really have hung on to each other and have also met irl, even internationally. And we have a Facebook (pst one of us for inv!) and a WhatsApp group to stay in touch. 

Essentially, we are as good a community as any on WoW. We have people who know each other for years now because of the game, but we are also constantly meeting new friends and keeping them. Essentially, we don't really bite and even if we do, we'll kiss and make up just like family always does, eventually. Or, we fight it out til we enact some kind of constructive policy changes which are meant to keep everyone's best raiding/social interests in mind.

We do care. Quite a lot.

3. We are organised.

There are comprehensive rules we have in place for most things, most notable being those on loot, conduct and attendance. Fairness is something that our guild emphasizes, whether it is in terms of everyone getting an equal share, or whether if it is about everyone getting what each person deserves. This website, the raid videos, our forum threads, our guild banks etc... all of them are managed by one person or another.

We have some of the most prominent Auction House oligarchs in the guild as well. They will know best how to provide for your raiding enchants/consumables needs. Our teamspeak channels are of pretty good sound quality and are generously provided for with real $$ by our members as well. 

As much as possible, we also try to make all raiding-related information accessible and clear. This means if something isn't written down in black and white and in unambiguous terms, it will be addressed so as to provide a stable raid environment for our members.


Why You Shouldn't Join Equinoctis

=wherein facts are realistically presented in all frankness=

1. We cannot make you a better player than you already are, but hope to be a good fit with your skills.

Don't join us if you want achievements and shiny purples. The internet makes enough parodies of this, but many a new and eager player of WoW who started off casually, eventually become lured by the prospect of the pretty numbers and item levels. As much as we advertise our raiding achievements, we cannot help players who are fundamentally incompatible with the majority's level of skill. Similarly, while we welcome highly skilled players to the team, it is likewise unrealistic to expect everyone to be at your level when the actual reality is that not everyone is perfect at their game.

The best way to gauge for a possible match or mismatch is to have a "trial" of each other's raiding capabilities. Before considering us, you are highly encouraged to check us out for at least a couple of nights. Just as we would like to understand you more as a raider, so too should applicants be responsible for "trialing the guild" to see if we can meet your raiding needs.

It isn't all just about the ilvls. Overall chemistry is crucial for a long-term and enjoyable stay in the guild. Please be assured that we do want to leisurely enjoy the game with You- the person beyond the screen. But to remain competitive, we need to know if we are a match for your skills.

2. We cannot play with jerks (however it is you conceive of what being a jerk amounts to).

Unfortunately, it is difficult to qualify what a "jerk" is. What seems offensive to one person may be lighthearted-banter for another. What seems cruel at first may be intended to be instructive and crucial for group goals. Everything that you feel may be right or moral, may be viewed in the opposite light by someone else.

The important bit, however, is whether you actually seem to care enough about other people and their feelings in the way THEY want to be cared for. We all play the game for our personal fulfillment and leisurely activities. What separates the selfish egoist and the preferred raider is whether one has the actual sense and tact to know that raiding is a team sport, and as such, it demands of us- a cooperative spirit. 

No matter how proficient an applicant may be at their game play, if they fail to recognize that there are real people behind the characters who have their own motivations, play styles and feelings, then it will be incredibly difficult both for the guild and the applicant to have fun in the game together. Please be gentle, for all of our sakes \o/.

3. We value your additional commitments; we hope you do, too.

For the love of all that is good, please do not join us if you already have other things in life that you have committed yourself to, that will make it such that you cannot possibly fit a tough raid regimen into your schedule. These include..

· School/ Employment Issues
Our raid times are competitive, arduous and frequent. Please keep this in mind before committing with us, particularly if you need to address your WoW subscription-fees-making ventures.

· Family Issues
The guild is a family, but you have one of your own in real life too, even if they are far away or consists of just friends. Woe be to you if you have children of your own and are not spending enough time with them and is instead focusing on WoW.

· Personal Issues
Our resident psychologist *cough* will be happy to talk at length with you about your ability to cope with real life and WoW. However, please understand that some of the problems in our lives need to be worked out, and that a busy raid schedule may not be what we need to fix what's going on.

· Other Guild Issues
Obviously, if you have already committed to another guild, it would be in extremely bad taste to leave so as to join us. Being responsible also means informing your previous guild of your decision and resolving any ill feelings amicably. No matter, we make it a point never to "poach" people. The opportunity is there, but we may not necessarily want you if you would value progression over guildie bonds.

All of these come with many qualifications, however. If you could somehow strike a balance between your additional commitments and the raid schedule, please do hit us up. If you aren't so confident, think twice.


How to Sign Up

More information can be found on the website, in our recruitment forums, and just by asking our members online. For starters, you may need to know that we are on Gundrak- Alliance, and we raid in the Oceanic times, late night at the moment (but timings are subject to change). We also run Friday night casual trial alt fun raids at the moment.

If Equinoctis sounds like a guild you see yourself hanging out in for Warlords of Draenor for a while, please do contact us! We may be reached in-game (Look for Duillas or Crajadin), or through the recruitment forums

Cheers and take care.

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Equinoctis' Hearthstone Challenge Season 2!

by tidus4eva, 262 days ago

It's that time again guys n gals! Season 2 of Equinoctis' Hearthstone Challenge is upon us!

Become known as the challenger that beats our resident legendary player and last seasons champion, Crajyo!

Test your skills in the card game everyone loves, known as Hearthstone!

This month Equinoctis will be hosting the second season of their Equinoctis' Hearthstone Challenge.

Find out who is the best player, now that Unleash the Skill has been nerfed!


Here are the event details:

Date: Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Time: 9pm Gundrak Server time

Meeting: On the TeamSpeak 3 Server. If you don't have details, please ask Cato, details are below)


  • Each player selects 3 decks, each of a different class
  • Decks may only contain a maximum of one legendary card
  • Matches are Best of 3
  • For the first round, decks are picked blindly (without knowing the other player's choice)
  • The winner of a game keeps his deck to use for the next match
  • The loser of a game selects a previously selected unused deck
  • Each game will last a maximum of 15 minutes, the player with the most amount of HP will win at the end of this time
  • Rules are subject to change up until the event
  • Matched players will be chosen at random for the first bracket.

Prize: (Not currently confirmed, may change) The first place winner will be deemed the Equinoctis Hearthstone Master title and will receive 15k WoW gold and 2 Hearthstone Decks. 
Second place will receive 10k gold. 

Where do I sign up? Right HERE! (Please sign up before the event begins)
(You may join the challenge even if you are not a member of the guild)


For more information, contact Catoblepas (Tidus#1600) through or in-game

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Equinoctis' Hearthstone Champion Season 1!

by tidus4eva, 292 days ago

We have a winner from Saturday's Hearthstone Challenge! 

Congratulations: Crajadin!

Beating out Faythlesca in a 2-0 bout, using a Priest with Pyroblast as the killing blow!?! (Thoughtsteal OP)

Crajadin went home with 15k gold and 2 packs (he also pulled a legendary from one! How lucky!)

Faythlesca ended the day 10k gold richer. 

And in third we had Hernae, nice try, better luck next time!


Final placements can be found here:


This ends season 1 for the Equinoctis Hearthstone Challenge! Stay tuned for more information about Season 2!

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